The Unconventional Wedding guest!

Khoi Fro

Good day Tsholo! I must say I do enjoy your column, you always know what to share and educate us on! I wanted to ask you, It’s wedding season, and I wanted to know what a “not so glam” person or androgynous person like me can wear to a wedding this season?

I want to look impeccable, stylish but right up my ally comfort. Thanks! Gorata B.

Hey Gorata B. Thank you for your followership and always keeping on trend with the Voice on Fashion with the latest trends.

It’s always a great sharing the world of fashion with you guys. It’s wedding season! The season to look good, and be merry.

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Well, I am going to share a few pieces I feel like an androgynous person or someone not looking for glam but for comfort could don to a wedding.

First of all consider the design, then colour and finish off with accessories. The design of your garment will be the most telling.

You could opt for a two piece leg pants and a kimono. If you are not feeling a two-piece you could opt for a jumpsuit. It’s comfortable, eclectic and right at an androgynous ally.

If all doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could do a long, maxi dress because of its effectiveness and free flowness. Let me know if these were helpful.

The Unconventional Wedding guest!
THREE PIECE: Less is definitely more with a three piece!
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