Teenager charged for raping 42-year-old woman


A 19-year-old boy was remanded in custody by Molepolole Magistrates’ Court for raping a 42-year-old woman at Sojwe in Kweneng District.

The accused, Evans Mmolai, is said to have raped and robbed the victim last year November 22nd at night around 11pm.

It is alleged that while the victim was sleeping alone in her bedroom she was awakened by the footsteps of an intruder inside the house and she fortunately saw the accused’s face with the help of the light.

Before the suspect raped the victim, he reportedly demanded her to give him P1 500 cash and when the victim told him she did not have any money he took out a knife threatening to stab her and the victim managed to grab the knife and threw it under the bed.

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Though the woman tried convincing him that she was on her monthly period Mmolai allegedly pushed her to the floor and raped her without using any protection.

It was later after satisfying his sexual desires when he again ordered the woman to bring money and escorted her to the living room where he stole P350.

After complaining that the money was not enough, the young man allegedly pushed the woman again to the floor and raped her for the second time.

He later went to bath at the bathroom before he escaped through the window where he had gained entry.

Later the victim managed to inform her neighbours who assisted her to report the matter before the police.

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Mmolai was served with witnesses statements and he was remanded till June 22nd, 2023 when he will return to court for mention.

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