Sad dad’s bad day

Gofaone Koogotsitse

Allegedly threatens to kill daughter over baby mama’s infidelity

Convinced his baby-mama was cheating on him, a man is said to have threatened a terrible revenge on his lover, allegedly expressing his desire to kill their four-year-old daughter as bloody retribution.

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Mmoloki Otimile, 31, reportedly turned up at his girlfriend, Gofaone Kefentse’s house in Lentsweletau village angry and armed with a claw hammer and knife.

Screaming that his women had been sleeping around, with the 27-year-old and her little girl cowering inside, Otimile apparently warned, “Ke batla go bolaya ngwana yo ke mo tshotseng le mme yo gore ere ke boela gae ke seka ka gadima ko morago, (I want to kill this child I have with this woman so that when I go back home I shall not look back).”

The Otse native was arrested the same day and later brought before Molepolole Magistrates Court, where he was slapped with a threat-to-kill charge.

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Asked by Chief Magistrate, Gaseitsewe Tonoki, if indeed he wanted to kill his daughter, Otimile responded “I was angry, then I reprimanded myself and cooled down. I said it unintentionally.”

Despite his regret, prosecution told court they feared for the child’s safety and requested the suspect be remanded for the time being.

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They got their wish, meaning Otimile will have even more time to cool down in police custody, remaining locked up until his next bail hearing, set for 19 October.

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