Prison attack

Portia Mlilo

Popular polygamist, businessman and ruling party cadre, Sekati Kemmonye Sekati has been severely assaulted in prison, The Voice can reveal.

Sekati who landed behind bars in January to serve a three-months civil imprisonment sentence was allegedly beaten black and blue over suspicions that he was a Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) operative on a mission.

Suspicious that Sekati who is also a former soldier was planted to spy on prisoners surfaced after he was visited by Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Aubrey Lesaso earlier this month.

Apparently inmates were convinced that if he could be visited by a high profile Botswana Democratic Party Member, then Sekati couldn’t be in prison for debt but was rather a secret agent working for the DIS.

Asked about the incident, Minister Lesaso said, “I was hurt after learning about the incident, I would have never imagined that visiting my friend in prison would put him in danger like that. I treat Sekati like a younger brother and it is sad that I am now afraid to visit him in jail.”

Allegations are that Sekati’s financial troubles began in 2020, when he failed to settle a P250, 000 debt he had incurred by accepting money to deliver meat to a buyer in Gaborone but couldn’t do so because of movement restrictions during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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The businessman and BDPP Secretary of Shoshong Mahalapye (SHOMA) Region allegedly then avoided his creditor until he was lured to Gaborone under the pretext that he was coming to attend a meeting to discuss a payment plan only for him to find deputy sheriffs ready to arrest him and throw him in jail.

“It has been two years now and he had been playing hide and seek. The gentleman he owes money to was fed up and ended up taking the matter to court,” said a source

When reached for a comment Sekati’s first wife Kagiso Sekati was hesitant to comment on the case. She said the person who sent her husband to jail might be the one who leaked information about the incident.

“I think it is best you wait for him to be out of jail to give you a comment because I doubt he will be comfortable with me discussing his matters with the media. This is just a phase and it shall pass. I have healed and made peace with his arrest. At first it was hard for both my sister and our children but now we have accepted what we cannot change. I am also back at work to ensure that I have salary to take care of our children,” said Kagiso

The 41-year-old Mahalapye born Sekati was catapulted to celebrity status three years ago when he tied the knot with his two wives Kagiso and Mpho in a wedding that got the whole country talking and left many men green with envy.

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