Message from Botswana Short term insurers underwriters association (BSTIUA)

Patience Marwiro - Chairperson

All the licensed and practicing short term insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Botswana. The association currently has 16 members that is 10 insurance companies and six reinsurance companies.

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This Easter you are sending out a message to the public.

Road accidents can be prevented.

The loss of lives on our country’s roads remain a cause of concern yet this can be avoided!

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  • By simply following the road rules such as adhering to speed limits,
  • not using mobile devices while driving
  • planning trips and
  • avoiding drinking and driving

lives can be saved.

Fatigue is one of the major contributing factors to accidents, have enough rest before the trip and when one feels tired during the trip, take a break.

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As an Association we are urging members of the public to respect other road users.

Road accidents have unintended economic impact beyond loss of assets and lives. Accidents increase the prevalence of people living with a disability which has a ripple effect on families and society at large.

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While insurance can mitigate the impact of accidents by replacing the assets it does not bring back lives lost. We urge every road user to be responsible and respect other road users.

Even when you are not driving you have a responsibility for safety on the road We are in this together

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How else can the public protect their assets ?

Apart from insuring cars, we urge the public to insure their assets such as houses and the household contents. There are unpredictable weather events being experienced such as storms and flooding which can cause damage to property.

The increase in robberies and crime causes loss and damage to assets, and our members provide various insurance products that deal with these.

How can the public contact your members

The insurance value chain consists of Reinsurers, Insurers Brokers and Agents. Apart from reinsurers the public can contact our members through any preferred method. Our  Association has a full time secretariate at Unit 19,  The Office in Fairgrounds.

Your last words

Let us take care on the road this Easter. Play your part, Be Responsible, Respect the other road users. The best Easter present you can give is to arrive  alive. We can have an Accident Free Easter

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