Habitual thief dies after fall from ceiling

Gofaone Koogotsitse
SCENE OF CRIME: Street 6 Bar

In a dramatic turn of events, a notorious habitual offender, widely known for his involvement in housebreaking and theft crimes, met his demise after falling from a ceiling at Street Six Bar in Goo-Thato ward, Molepolole.

The 22-year-old individual, Kesego Gakeonyatse, affectionately known as ‘Wandere’ from Molepolole’s Borakalalo ward, reportedly suffered fatal head injuries during his attempt to escape the scene of the crime.

Confirming the incident, Molepolole Police Station Commander, Superintendent Jacob Molapong, informed The Voice Online about the unfortunate event.

“The incident occurred yesterday morning around 7:30 am. While the Security Systems officers were on patrol, they noticed a young man at the bar premises and promptly contacted the bar manager. Upon the manager’s arrival, the young man attempted to escape through a damaged section of the ceiling on the veranda. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell, sustaining head injuries upon hitting the floor,” explained Superintendent Molapong.

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Following the incident, Gakeonyatse was rushed to Scottish Livingstone Hospital, where a medical doctor pronounced him dead upon arrival.

Superintendent Molapong, while not disclosing the specific number of cases involving the deceased, confirmed that Gakeonyatse had multiple pending cases related to housebreaking, shoplifting, and theft before the magistrates’ court.

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