Dato Seiko’s Grace Effect

Sharon Mathala

With close to 200 000 followers on social media pint-sized singing sensation, Dato Seiko has been earmarked as the next big thing in Botswana music, so when Voice Entertainment received her invitation to join a few others for the young star’s exclusive EP listening session we couldn’t turn that down-even in this cold weather.

Born Katlego Ntirang the 24-year-old has not only fast cemented her name in music books but has also arguably surpassed her famous brother Mapetla’s stardom.

I first saw her live performance in Zambia at the Multichoice talent factory launch- then a petite young fellow- she managed to hold her ground, but I thought to myself she still had a long way to go.

Fast forward to last week Thursday the young woman I saw in Zambia had blossomed.

She had invited a select few influencers and close friends- I felt a tad bit older than the crowd that had gathered for what we were about to witness.

With their funky dress sense and hairstyles- even though the theme was black and white-the attendants went all out with their creative dress fashion.

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Dressed in an all-white number Dato Seiko finally took to the stage.

Ok, I thought to myself let’s get this rolling- I honestly expected an above-average performance but little did I know I was in for a treat.

Before the show, I had only heard two songs from the EP.

I was sure to maybe like one more or two more _ I am a hard woman to please.

Her EP is dubbed Grace Effect.

She tells us she chose this title because of the Grace she has been feeling in her life, she even quoted the Bible in her opening speech, quite spiritual for a young rock star.

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Interesting, I thought to myself.

After taking off her shoes-literally- she opened her performance with a song called ‘Hurda’.

The song basically talks about heartbreak; something, which she says, was inspired by a trending topic on social media.

Her next song was Lunati, which she explains was about a love interest she saw at a gig in South Africa.

She was to later meet this mystery person who introduced herself as Lunati.

Another song named after a personality on the EP, is Kaone Kario, a vibey reggae beat that had us all singing along and trying to show off our dance moves.

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Even RB2’s Missgekays was blown away by this particular song.

Dato Seiko’s two feature songs with Thato Jessica and Mpho Sebina – OH No and Moonstone-also stole the show and proved to be favourite amongst the guests.

The young performer also performed her Sapiosexual, Untitled, and Phenyo Ke yo singles.

But perhaps what stood out for me was the way she has improved her stage presence and appeal from the young girl I saw in Zambia many years ago to the daring and bold performer she has become.

Without knowing any of the songs and being a tad bit older than her crowd of followers I was surely blown away by the art.

I will give the EP an easy 10/10.

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