Grooving In The Ghetto – Friday 07, July, 2023

Grooving in the Ghetto


The seventh edition of the annual Mokoto wa Lesoso Cultural event will be headlined by the talented Khoisan group.

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The Afro pop duo are known for hits such as ‘Sananapo’, ‘Mpoledise’ and ‘Sethubege’.

Mokoto wa Lesoso is an annual event showcasing and celebrating the diverse cultures found in Shoshong village.

Locals are given a platform to showcase the culinary skills and dance moves as an effort to preserve the history and culture of Shoshong.

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Mokoto, is a popular traditional dish in the Central District, a delicacy made of a concoction of special beef cuts like sirloin and some innards which are pounded until fluffy by a master chef.

The dish used to be a preserve for men at social gatherings like weddings, but has since been made available to women at traditional events like Mokoto wa Lesoso.

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The event will be held at KD farm in Shoshong and tickets will be available before the July President holidays.


A host of talented DJs from the second capital will take turns to add more colour at the Francistown Colour Run, an event slated for August 5th at Limpopo Garden and Camp.

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DJ Cue, Missy, Cheng, Dreazy and Phat Tee are some of the notable names on the line-up.

There’re also performances from Romeo Stunner and Lagreat while Lisa will be the Master of Ceremonies.

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Grooving In The Ghetto – Friday 07, July, 2023
Francistown Colour Run

Color Run is a unique event that celebrates good health happiness, and individuality, also known as the happiest 5K on the Planet.

It is an event series and five kilometre paint race, inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, that is owned and operated by The Color Run LLC, and now the largest running series in the world.

The Color Run has been experienced by over 8 million runners worldwide in over 50 countries.

Tickets for adults are P70 and P50 for kids.


Ladies favourite Amapiano group, Murumba Pitch will be in Francistown on Sunday 16th July alongside DJ Bunz, Kusterr and Chronics.

These to are currently the hottest property in the music scene, with the lead singer Emmanuel Mathye’s velvety voice dominating the airwaves.

Grooving In The Ghetto – Friday 07, July, 2023
Murumba Pitch

The two, including his band member Innocent ‘Maeywon’ Mongolo have made their mark in the industry since the formation of the band in 2012.

They’ve worked with some of the biggest stars and produced many hits such as ‘Hamba juba’, Invula and ‘Wena dali’.

P50 gets you in.

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