Chimbombi the only contributing petitioner

Daniel Chida
FIRST CASUALITIES: Chimbombi with Pheko

*He contributed P40k but his car still got attached

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)’s 2019 Parliamentary Candidate for Kgalagadi South, Dr Micus Chimbombi is the only one amongst the 15 summoned election petitioners to have contributed the P40 000 requested by his party.

UDC has requested all the petitioners to contribute P40 000 each for the P565 000 election bill. His contribution however, did not stop his car worth P163 000 to be seized by the Deputy Sheriffs as the bill is consolidated.

When addressing a press conference this week, UDC Treasurer General- Dennis Alexander, said that after being served with the bill they asked all the 57 constituencies to contribute P10 000 each.

“We knew that the amount was going to cover the whole bill and leave us with some change but it failed as we only managed to get P349 505,” he said.

Alexander explained that after the first plan to have constituencies contribute failed to bear any fruits, they then asked the 15 candidates who were summoned to make the P40 000 contribution but still only Chimbombi fulfilled the agreement.

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“We are under pressure and the contributions are coming very slowly. Two of our members lost their vehicles as they were attached by the sheriffs but only one belonging to our candidate for Gaborone Central, Dr Mpho Pheko was auctioned at P81 000 while the other one belonging to Chimbombi, we hear the transaction did not go through. It was going for P163 000,” he explained.

It was earlier alleged after the auction sale that the car was bought by a Botswana National Front Youthful member, Owe Mmolawa, but it turned out there was no truth in the allegations.

Alexander explained that despite what they are going through, worse is yet to come as the Independent Electoral Commission has not furnished them with their bill.

“We are currently paying the Botswana Democratic Party attorney’s bill.”

Meanwhile the UDC candidate for Goodhope/Mabule constituency, Dr Patrick Molotsi assured the nation that the long awaited People’s Court was still part of their plans.

“Once we get the resources and after careful organisation it will come,” he noted.

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