Chillin’ out Friday 21 April 2023

SUSPICIOUS: Sphalaphala sa ga Marothi


Shaya’s investigative eye spotted something interesting in the new Mma-Vee’s posts – it appears there’s a chance she could be deceiving us with staged pranks! She recently posted a video titled ‘My first prank in Botswana’ where she takes groceries from an apparent stranger’s trolley.

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What was perculiar is that earlier, Mampeezy had gone live for an eating contest and guess who featured in the video? That’s right, the very same ‘stranger’ whose groceries were being pinched! They seemed really familiar with one another in the first video which raised Shaya’s suspicions. Our lovebirds better step up and explain what’s what because something is not adding up.

Chillin' out Friday 21 April 2023
Naked Queen


The Miss Supranational event was a night of glitz and glamour that will live long in the memory. Congrats to Dabilo by the way, Shaya made some good money betting on you, just kidding!

Anyway, it seems all the Gabz influencers and socialites turned up to the pageant but Shaya was stunned to see that it was mostly a$$es being paraded up there. I have been told this design is a new trend but surely it was a style better suited to a fashion parade and not as evening wear, which is the category it was featured in. Yours Truly also noticed that none of the ladies brave enough to rock the design made it very far in the competition!

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I know we say beauty is on the inside but I don’t think you guys are going to be winning any crowns with all that display of nudity!

Chillin' out Friday 21 April 2023


I don’t know if you have heard of these girls but my oh my, they are really impressive on stage. Shaya has seen them performing at a number of events in GC and each time they set the place alight. I have been researching more on them and I’m told the group is called C.A.L.M which stands for: Chantel, Atsile, Lebo and Malaika.

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Unfortunately groups like this never tend to last but Shaya is rooting for this one and wishing them all the best.


Shaya recently found out that most of these kids who go to SA to push their DJ’ing are actually unnamed producers behind some of the biggest Amapiano hits. Apparently, if you want to make a song with a big artist abroad and you’ve proved that you have the skill set to deliver, they tell you to either pay them for the feature recognition or they pay you to be invisible.

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Most of the upcoming DJs are flat broke and so settle for the money over their brand which is disappointing because it denies them the chance to actually be recognized for their talent. Gate-keeping is a real thing out there I see!

Chillin' out Friday 21 April 2023
Lepsy and crew


After hosting a successful Maun Horse Race over the Easter holidays, one would expect, DC Tours CEO, Lapologang Lepsy Molemele to be resting. But no, not him.

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The high-flying entrepreneur was spotted having a ball over the weekend at United Lounge VIP area. While sipping away on my St Louis, Shaya saw expensive drinks heading Lepsy and his crew’s way throughout the night.

The group eventually left the club in the morning having partied the night away. Respect Lepsy, you deserved to let your hair down!

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