Chillin Out Friday 05 May 2023

HAPPIER TIMES: Baghetti and Dee Bond


A few weeks ago, Shaya was excited about a new celeb couple in town.

Unfortunately, it seems that things have already ended between the pair.

Yours Truly has no idea what happened, however, according to Baghetti’s Facebook posts, yours truly has a feeling the FME DJ might have done her dirty.

It is not surprising though, the relationship always looked one sided because she was the only one who posted and publicly professed her love.

She’s a fine one though and Shaya is sure she’ll soon find another fine boy to snack on.Hope you have learnt your lesson though, these Gabs boys ba tlao hurda!


By now we all know that Focalistic did not show up to a gig he was booked for over the weekend.

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It’s nothing new, these SA artists do it to our local promoters all the time and actually get away with it.

President ya straata went on video to explain that he had found the border closed by the time he tried to cross into Botswana.

Chillin Out Friday 05 May 2023
A NO-SHOW: Focalistic

Their excuses never seem to run out because it makes no sense why his whole team didn’t check border times if they planned on travelling during the night.

He was even ballzy enough to say “Le kreyeng President wa nnete”, a shady statement which was directed at our dear President.


After being kicked to the curb by his band members, Maney Ubuntu appears to be having the time of his life following news that Gwest Police are on the hunt for Thami for suspected defilement.

At least that’s what his recent posts suggest.

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Chillin Out Friday 05 May 2023

Remember when he sang “Ngwana msetsana Thami o tlala ka wena?” It seems that there may have been a more literate meaning to that than we all thought.

Shaya is told that groupies, especially underage ones, are a thing in the entertainment industry and Thami just got unlucky.


A new party has taken over UB leaving Moono wa Baithuti and GS26 with their tails between their legs.

One man however, fascinates Shaya for his political resilience and hunger.

Chillin Out Friday 05 May 2023

Boniface Seane once again contested for UB Presidency under BDP’s GS26 this year and lost.

I have lost count of how many times he has lost, but I guess all that matters is the number of times you get up sir.

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