Celeb Edition with Mdu Tha Party

Sharon Mathala

Controversial radio and TV Presenter Mdu Tha Party is this week’s Celeb Edition feature.

We caught up with him for a two-minute chat during lockdown.

Do you think local radio, in terms of content, has improved over the years or has it remained stagnant?

Local radio has improved over the years. What happened is that when online became a thing and people were able to have their own podcasts it brought about competition, and in the market when you bring about competition then the question of quality comes about.

Q. Why did you decide to join radio?

I like to think I am a born creative but I have always been an academic.

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So radio is something that just happened for me.

I wanted to try it out.

Sometime in varsity I came across an AD on Yarona FM, decided to try it and the rest is history.

Q. Has the advent of the Internet and online affected radio?

As I mentioned earlier, online content has without a doubt brought about competition on traditional media for both print and radio.

We are now forced to step up our game to bring value for money for both listeners and advertisers.

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Q. What is keeping you busy during the lockdown?

Radio is keeping me busy.

I am currently hosting the drive time show on Yarona FM for the duration of State of Emergency.

Q. Do you have pictures of your colleagues on your phone gallery?

Well pictures we took together sure, but their pictures NO! That would be creepy.

Unless if I have a crush on one of them, which I am not confirming nor denying!

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Q. Have you ever been in the back of a police van?

Yes I have been at the back of a police van.

Q. What happened?

It was a case of mistaken identity, funnily enough.

I was at a private party, there was a bit of a mess that I was not part of then police were called.

When I was going to the police van this dude punches me in the face.

He was accusing me of stealing his phone.

We were then chucked into the back of the police van.

It was all cleared at the police station though because the guy who took the phone was wearing an orange t-shirt I was wearing a pink one, so yeah!

Q. Tell us about the concept of your top 10 list?

It is all about celebrating BW Hip Hop music by sharing my top 10 of the year.

I am a music journalist and an avid consumer of local music.

I know pretty much all the artists, I do the research so I share who I have enjoyed over the year and it breeds conversations hence garnering mileage for the artists.

Q. Have you ever had beef with anyone in the industry?

Of course – I mean, I am a tough guy, I stand my ground so. But I’ll tell you I am now good with all those I had beef with in the past.

Everybody now making their fair share of money so we all good.

Obviously it was with rappers, and I am not even a rapper!

Q. Have you ever been kicked out of a club/party?

Yes I have been kicked out of multiple restaurants.

I have been kicked out of Chez Nicholas, I have been kicked out of Cigar Lounge.

I have been banned from some places but the ban has since been lifted. I party hard (laughing).

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I have a very deep religious background. I grew up wanting to become a priest!
  2. My father is a pastor
  3. I am a philanthropist – actually, I am from a family of philanthropists
  4. I drink a lot of water. I am addicted to water
  5. Ke Mokgalagadi, gape ke Motebele. As I am from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia.

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