Celeb edition with DJ K.U.D

Kabelo Dipholo

He’s undoubtedly one of the smoothiest DJs in Francistown. Kuda Molebedi aka DJ K.U.D has branded himself as an RnB and Hip Hop DJ in the second city, and now the rest of the industry has begun to take notice.

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The 39 -year -old entertainer and fitness fanatic from Mmadinare took time off the turntables to field questions for Celeb Edition.

Q. You are one of the most recognizable faces in the Francistown entertainment circles. Briefly take us through your career as a DJ.

A. I was inspired by my friend O’neal back in Selebi Phikwe.

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He went on to become a resident DJ at Club Elpaso while I was also a club DJ in Mmadinare.

Q. Much is not known about your exploits in Mmadinare, but you are a familiar figure in Francistown. Kindly elaborate on this.

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A. Yes, I moved to Francistown and met DJ Cue.

He’s the one who opened many doors for me here and introduced me to other guys such as DVJ, Colastraw and the likes.

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As my profile grew I later had my first radio slot on Yarona FM.

It was during DollarMac’s Fak-Isafety Belt Breakfast Show.

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I later got another slot on RB2, during Rosinah Phumaphi’s Satutrday show Weekend Chillas.

Q. It certainly looks like your rise to the top was smooth sailing. Any highs and lows you’d like to share with readers?

A. There are many downs in this career path.

I faced a lot of sabotage in the early years but since I’m a positive person, the challenges motivated me.

I believe in praying and that’s how I easily dealt with the many lows in my career path.

Q. Wow! A praying DJ. What type of music do you play?

A. I’m mostly into RnB, Soul and Hip Hop.

I was a resident DJ at Club Lagos where I hosted Mellow RnB Thursday Nights, now I host a similar show at Loxion 205 called Ladies Kin Thursdays.

I also hosted similar shows at Pabloz Lounge.

When I’m not doing my slots at these clubs, I also play at Lizard Entertainment and gigs around the country.

Q. Who was the last person to send you an SMS, and what did it say?

A. It was my sister this morning.

She wanted to know how I was doing.

Q. Who’s your local celebrity crush?

A. Hahaaa. It’s,..heish.

It’s Motamma Horatius. (O ta mpolaisa batho).

Q. Do you read The Voice? Please be honest.

A. It’s the only newspaper I buy every week without fail.

I love The Voice because the paper writes a lot about local entertainment.

It’s where most of us get a platform to speak our minds.

Q. Whats your favorite song?

A. After all is said and done, Beyonce featuring Marc Nelson.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you.

  1. Most people don’t know that I’m a teacher.
  2. I’m a Senior Guidance and Counselling teacher.
  3. I love children. I’m a father of three, twin daughters and a son.
  4. I’m a Christian
  5. I’m a very shy and a private person, who prefers reading and sleeping when I don’t have any gigs.
  6. I love traditional cuisine.
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