Celeb Edition with Dj Bafana

Leungo Mokgwathi

The name DJ Bafana has been popping up on Voice Entertainment platform a few times in the last month.

At first, it was attached to the delivery of good news after Vee Mampeezy donated a car to him, but shortly after, things started to go downhill when a scuffle ensued between himself and his management over the car.

Following all the attention he has been getting, Celeb Edition had to profile the 27-year old upcoming musician to find out who he is beyond the scandals and drama.

Thank you so much for your time, kindly share with us a little on your background.

Thank you for having me, Leungo. My real name is Rapelang Gabaeme from Majwaneng, stage name DJ Bafana and as you can hopefully tell from my stage name, I am a DJ.

Africa’s most famous DJ Black Coffee is the reason I fell in love with the art of DJing and in 2007, I ventured into it professionally.

Black Coffee gave me the confidence to believe that despite my condition, I can actually make it in this industry.

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I can imagine that learning how to DJ was a bit more difficult for you considering that you are disabled. Take us through the trials and tribulations you went through to learn how to DJ.

It was definitely difficult and besides my disability, there wasn’t anyone around or patient enough to show me the decks and how each tool on the deck functioned.

With all the available opportunities that come with the internet, I did not give up and opted for Youtube as a learning tool.

You recently received a car from Vee Mampeezy, tell us more about your relationship with him.

I call him Uncle Mampeezy, the man who blessed me with my dream car.

Mampeezy and I met years ago, I can’t quite recall when exactly we met, but on our first interaction, he told me that he loved my craft and that he was going to one day buy me something big.

I eventually did get that big something and I am filled with nothing but gratitude for the grand gesture.

A while after, there was a bit of a scuffle between you and your management over that car, how was it resolved?

That’s right, Mampeezy handed the car over to me, the registration book included, but some people I entrusted to manage my career took advantage of me and kept the car to themselves.

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I am sure you saw it all over social media as I pleaded for help in getting my car back.

After I got the car back, I terminated the contracts I had with them and I am currently still looking for a new manager.

So since getting the car back, is there anyone driving you around or are you doing it yourself like some people said?

I have someone who is driving me, all the rumours that I would use attached pegs to be able to drive, are false.

Now that your much anticipated event has been cancelled, should we expect another one soon?


My fans shouldn’t worry because the event will return bigger and better with a new name and new date.

Despite all your challenges, what keeps you motivated?

The saying disability does not mean inability.

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Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I love reading
  2. I love travelling
  3. I am such a cool guy
  4. My favourite meal is pap and beef
  5. First person I call when I am going through something is my girlfriend

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