Celeb edition with Dato Seiko

Sharon Mathala

She is the younger sister to renowned artist Mapetla but Katlego Ntirang popularly known as Dato Seiko has made a name of her own.

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This week celeb edition catches up with the 23-year- old superstar.

Q. What would you say is the hardest thing or the downside about being an upcoming performer in Botswana?

A. The hardest thing about being an upcoming artist in Botswana is actually finding people who are willing to invest in your craft, and that delays everything in terms of you putting out solid projects that could possibly shake up the industry.

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Q. If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10 -year -old self?

A. You are Grace and never doubt that, the universe is conspiring with you.

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Q. Tell me about your coming projects, what can your fans look out for from yourself in the year 2020?

A. 2020 is the year of great music.

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I have a single coming out soon and hopefully an album before the end of the year.

We also have monthly shows at Zest restaurant, for anyone who is interested in Live Music.

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Q. Any collaboration on the works?

A. Yes, My upcoming album features Mpho Sebina, Thato Jessica and Wicked Jono.

Apart from my album, I’ve done some collaborative work with Chef Gustos and of course Mapetla.

Q. What is the least amount of money have you used to buy airtime?

A. Remember when there was P1 worth of kwik? Yep, I got P1 kwik back in the days.

Q. Growing up under the shadow of your older brother Mapetla, who has done quite well for himself in the music industry, has that ever worked against you? The fact that you are Mapetla’s little sister?

A. No, it has never been a problem, because we are sort of polar opposites in terms of the music we make.

And because he is such a music genius, I have always looked up to him. He is my inspiration.

Q. Who would you rather: Franco or Vee?

A. Both. Hear me out both before 2006.

Q. When was the last time you cried and why?

A. Last night, I was praying and I got emotional.

Q. What does the term Influencer mean to you?

A. Someone who has the power to change people’s mindset about certain things, it could be Fashion or music, because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience

Q. Tell me five things people don’t know about you

• I play the guitar and piano.
• I do volunteer work every weekend.
• I am pescatarian
• I neither smoke nor drink .
• I am a fine artist.

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