Celeb Edition: Mindset

Leungo Mokgwathi

18-year-old Boniface Lewanika is the creative genius behind the brand ‘Mindset’.

The self-taught music producer was one of the gems that shone brightest at last year’s DBS (Department of Broadcasting Services) Roadshow Awards, scooping second place in the Most Promising Musicians category.

The Tonota teen has since swapped BW for the bright lights of Sandton, where he is finding life in the fast lane very much to his liking, as we find out in this virtual interview…

Let’s start with why you went with ‘Mindset’ as your stage name?

The name ‘Mindset’ was born from my fascination with the power of positive thinking and its impact on creativity.

Can’t argue with that! Now tell us a little bit about your background.

I am originally from Tonota but I am currently based in Sandton, South Africa. Although I’ve always been into music, I would say that my creative juices were really activated during lockdowns when I decided to learn how to mix and master songs. Through countless tutorials, experimentations and sheer determination, I finally got the hang of it.

So how did you end up in SA?

I have been in South Africa for about eight months now. I came here for easy work with one big artist because when I was in Botswana it wasn’t favouring me. I have easier access to their studio when I am here.

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Must have been intimidating starting out in a foreign country full of well-established international stars?

Not at all! As a matter of fact, the openness of the South African creative industry towards internationals pleasantly surprised me. It has given me more access to big artists in the African region, enabling me to collaborate and learn extensively.

Since breaking out as a musician, what major projects have you put out?

Among my significant projects, the international collaborations were a highlight, showcasing the universal language of music. These connections were established through a shared passion for music and online networking with a few friends such as Trey Bankz. Notable names I have worked with include Mellow and Sleazy, Trey Bankz, Al Xapo and MJ.

A lot of us were introduced to your work through the DBS Roadshow – care to share some of your most memorable moments from this time?

There were so many unforgettable moments from that roadshow. I really appreciated the opportunity for a platform which offered unforgettable interactions and inspiration. My favourite moment was of course the awards ceremony. I did not in a million years think that I would get it. Also, we had a team task and the song I produced was awarded Best Song.

What’s next for Mindset?

Looking ahead, I am really focused on refining my production skills further. I have managed to buy some equipment with the money I got from DBS and they have promised to buy me more equipment, so I look forward to improving my production skills as I will be well equipped.

What makes a good song?

A good song, according to me, embodies authenticity and emotional resonance. As a music producer, I also feel that a good song is in the production: it’s in the beat, the instrumentals and how they are all fused together. For me, the production matters more than the lyrics or vocals.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I only speak two languages, which are Setswana & English

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2. I’m afraid of heights

3. I’m secretly a huge fan of EDM [Electronic Dance Music]

4. I’m a huge fan of Space movies

5. I’m so addicted to gaming

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