Public service in turmoil

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Supervisors reluctant to discipline juniors

The Director of Public Service Management, Gaone Macholo has told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that the public service is facing a myriad of problems ranging from demoralised staff, theft under pretext of overtime, and prolonged acting and temporary engagements.

When appearing before the PAC on Tuesday morning, Macholo revealed that the DPSM has delegated all ministries to recruit staff for positions below D1 Scale, but ministries are struggling to fill many vacancies in the ministries of Health, and Education and Skills development because they lack recruitment expertise.

While she did not have a specific number for all vacancies that exists in the civil service, she estimated that the two ministries have around 3000 vacancies that need to be filled. “

We have a lot of vacancies, just under 2000 in the ministry of education, and then the other vacancies are at the ministry of health and those are focus areas, then followed by ministry of agriculture. That is where the vacancy rate is the highest and we are going to be working with them so that whatever it can take, they will fill these vacancies urgently,” said Macholo.

She said those acting in senior positions are unable to make decisions and this has had a serious impact on service delivery. In some instances, supervisors are reluctant to take action against non-performing staff, she said, attributing non-performance to a number of factors.

“It is a culture issue and also a competence issue. It is not really about people not doing their work, it is about part of how we were handling the public service growth, we were separating jobs and specializing them too much, such that now the job is too narrow. When you ask them to do more, they do not see that as part of their responsibility, even if what they do can be done in shortest time possible,” Macholo told the PAC. She said there is an urgent need for workforce planning to remove those loopholes.

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She said the civil service jobs need to be enriched and enlarged and that the civil service doesn’t need to be highly specialized as it is if it is to be efficient and able to satisfy its customer needs.

“In some areas where you know that this can be done by one person, you will see that we have employed four or five people. We need to change,” she said adding that they have a strategy in place to address majority of the prevailing challenges.

Macholo said people should not be acting for more than 12 months adding that some employees use overtime to steal public funds.

Before recent appointments of senior civil servants there were Acting Attorney General, Acting Director at the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP), Acting Ombudsman, and Acting Director General DCEC.

Public service in turmoil


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