Bashi Sengwaketse’s memorial service in Pictures

Bashi Sengwaketse’s memorial service in Pictures

Mr Sengwaketse was a Botswana National Front Political activist.

In 1975, he became very active under the Botswana National Front Youth League, where he and his comrades studied Marxism-Leninism at their political education study groups.

He was in the group of youth activists whose passports were confiscated by the Botswana Government at Gaborone airport, en-route to study in the USSR. He had great passion for the BNF and remained a loyal member of the party all his life.

Comrade Sengwaketse was not only active in politics, he also fought for worker’s rights under Botswana Mining Workers Union.

He was also a community builder and was a founding member of both Mass Media Construction Band and Carats Soft Ball Club.

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He served as a trustee of Debswana Pension Fund for many years.

Comrade Sengwaketse will be laid to rest tomorrow at Ledumang Cemetery (near Glenvalley BDF Camp)

May His Soul Rest in Peace

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