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‘Team-builder’ continues in his father’s footsteps

In July 2021, at the age of just 20, Mike Chidaushe Mudzingwa suffered a devastating loss when the man who had nurtured and mentored him all his life, his father, passed away.

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Although distraught, as the first born son, he felt the responsibility of ensuring his dad’s legacy lives on.

And so, in May this year, Mudzingwa took it upon himself to follow in his father’s footsteps and officially register his own team-building enterprise – an industry the young Mudzingwa knows well thanks to his old man.

Giving Voice Money a brief insight into his background, the 22-year-old revealed he was born in Mount Darwin, Zimbabwe, eventually moving to Botswana in 2012 to complete his Primary School.

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At that point, his father’s team-building company, Outdoor Adventures Botswana, was already well established in the country.

“The company originated in South Africa in 2008, and was moved to Botswana a year later when my father relocated. I worked alongside him for four years, until he passed,” remembers Mudzingwa.

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Unfortunately, shortly after his father’s passing, the adventure ended for Outdoor Adventures Botswana, and the business was closed.

That was not the end of the story, however!

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Nearly two years later, Mikemania Team Building Entertainment was born, starting an exciting new chapter in the family’s team-building history.

“Mikemania Team Building Entertainment is an entity that exists to provide team-building services to various scope of clientele that are mainly aiming towards improving their team spirit within the organisation.”

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Built on a vision of promoting the spirit of teamwork in the workplace, Mudzingwa’s enterprise believes the working environment should have a ‘band of brothers, family feel’, that will keep employees, colleagues or students united when the going gets tough.

“We have a firm belief in the fact that a strong and united team produces the best results and enhances employee performances, ensuring a perfect flow of processes in the company,” he highlights.

Mikemania offers a wide range of services, including: corporate team building, group activities, students teamwork and camping activities.

“For two-and-a-half years now, I have been offering team building at Crocodile Pool Safaris. I have also been working with Camp Botswana Kids Camp for three years, offering camping and wellness activities to the students.”

Through games including sack race, egg race, tug of war, building nails, Rubbish in the Shovel, Finding Nemo and the Handshake theory, Mudzingwa and his team of dedicated facilitators instill the values of team communication, respect and joint decision making.

Although building a business from the ground has been challenging, the young business-owner reveals it has been a thrilling ride, one that is just getting started.

“Some people and organisations overlook me because of the age factor, but I work well to convince them to give me a shot and once they do, they never regret it,” he says, his beaming smile bearing a hint of pride.

As for the level of demand for such services, Mudzingwa insists it is high, with very few team-building enterprises around to meet the need – the perfect mix for an up-coming business.

Revealing that he recently completed a Law Degree, Mudzingwa stressed his commitment to the cause his father called him to.

“I always knew that I would one day take over my father’s business, but I was always advised to cast my net wide so that I have more options to choose from in the future.”

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