Will the show go on?

Leungo Mokgwathi
L-R: Legwaila & Mdu Tha Party

Uncertainty over Bots Top5 future

After 10 episodes, each showcasing some of Botswana’s most talented musical acts, Channel O has closed the curtain on the debut season of Bots Top 5.

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However, its future remains in doubt, with Multichoice Botswana uncertain whether it will return for a second season.

Amid speculation that the show would end with its first season due to low ratings, last week Multichoice Botswana Corporate Affairs Manager, Thembile Legwaila, told Voice Entertainment they were yet to determine any future plans.

“As Season 1 has not yet come to an end we are not in a position to confirm whether there will be a Season 2 or not. There are various factors that go into assessing whether there will be a second season and at this time we aren’t able to make any pronouncements,” explained Legwaila.

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Although at the time of the conversation, there was only one episode remaining in the first season, she highlighted that the show’s success could only be determined after the season has concluded.

“In-country, we consider a show a success when we see positive sentiment from the people. Though the season has not ended, so far we are incredibly happy with the overwhelming positive feedback the show has received in both traditional and social media.”

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Legwaila additionally commended local production houses who, according to her, showed how much creativity there is in the Botswana music and video production scene.

“In one of our last episodes of the season, Mdu interviewed Cyc Jouzy who is behind the production of many local music videos such as Mpho Sebina and FME DJs latest, Merwalela, and ATI’s SIMO. He, and many of the other producers whose videos aired on Bots Top 5, are an example of the quality of music videos we have in Botswana.”

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She also gave a special mention to HUB TV, the local production house which was entrusted with the production of Bots Top 5.

“Overall it was a pleasurable experience working with HUB TV. We’d like to believe that by working on a format such as Bots Top 5 for the first time, the production company gained a lot of learnings on how to create productions of this magnitude.”

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Although they are uncertain about a second season, Legwaila urged local musicians to continue submitting music video content for Channel O as well as the other M-Net music video channels on the DSTV platform.

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