US Embassy donates to civil society

Baitshepi Sekgweng
NOBLE GESTURE: Van Franken with beneficiary reps

The United States of America has generously contributed a total of P55,000 to three civil society organizations as part of the 2023 Ambassador’s Special Self-Fund Grant.

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Dare to Dream and Jamataka Multi-purpose Community Cooperative received P20,000 each, while the Botswana Association for the Deaf was granted P15,000.

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Fund aims to provide grassroots assistance, supporting communities across the nation.

During the signing ceremony on Wednesday, Ambassador Van Vranken highlighted the program’s commitment to fostering development activities at the local level on behalf of the US government.

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“This program offers targeted grants to aid in short-term, community-driven projects that directly enhance economic and social conditions, making an immediate impact on the lives of Batswana. It’s designed to directly respond to community requests for project assistance, empowering these communities to be self-reliant and enhancing their ability to undertake similar initiatives independently in the future,” shared Vranken, noting the reception of nearly 100 grant proposals this year.

The Botswana Association for the Deaf focuses on championing and advocating for the rights of the deaf community within the country.

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With the US funding, they intend to implement projects such as regional sign language training workshops and a program empowering deaf youth.

Jamataka Cooperative, a self-sustained agricultural initiative, aims to establish a new farm, envisioning reduced food imports and the promotion of sustainable energy.

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Dare to Dream is dedicated to fostering the advancement of youth, women, and girls in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, entrepreneurship, aviation, and aerospace with the support of US funding.

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