William Last KRM wins international award

Leungo Mokgwathi

William Last KRM who is undeniably Botswana’s biggest content creator with over 4 million Facebook followers, and 13.5 million on tiktok, has once again made Botswana proud after winning the Digital Content Creator of the year award at the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA) last night in New Jersey.

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The competition was a tough one as KRM competed against other global internet sensations the likes of Lasizwe (South Africa), Khaby Lame (Senegal) and Sabinus (Nigeria).
However, the Botswana native proved himself as the people’s favourite.

In total, he was nominated for three awards being: Best Content Creator, Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Comedian.

The AEAUSAs, mission is to use entertainment as a vehicle to support, celebrate, promote, and uplift the achievements and advancements of all Africans including those in the Diaspora. “We use entertainment as a platform to showcase an Africa that is united, self-sufficient, and willing and able to evoke social change that matters most in the communities of Africans worldwide,” read their Facebook bio.

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The awards are held annually.

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