Two men mauled by Pit-bulls

Leungo Mokgwathi
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Two men aged 30 and 36 and respectively were seriously injured following a vicious pitbull attack in the early hours of last Wednesday morning, in Tlokweng.

Tlokweng Police Station Commander, Superintendent Unoziba Rari confirmed the incident last Wednesday afternoon, revealing that one of them was recovering at home while the other, whose injuries were more serious, had been referred to Princess Marina Hospital.

According to Superintendent Rari, the two men who were attacked just before 4am were coming from a farm a few kms from Tlokweng.

The two dogs are said to have been idling in the neighbourhood when they caught sight of the men and launched an attack.

“Our Officers responded after getting a call from an on-duty security guard in one of the neighbourhoods in Tlokweng.”

When Police arrived at the scene, the men had managed to escape the ferocious animals. “The crazed dogs were uncontrollable and dangerous so they were killed on the spot,” he revealed.

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Tlokweng Police were able to get in touch with the dog owner who is said to be cooperating with Police investigations. “We are currently focused on investigating how the two dogs escaped from their home, since the other dogs were in the yard,”said the police officer.

The owner of the two dogs who was brought in for questioning, has been released.

Depending on the investigation findings, he may be charged according to the Recklessness and Negligence Act for being irresponsible with dangerous animals.

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