Search for missing taxi driver continues

Gofaone Koogotsitse
DECEASED: Phenyo Jakoba

WATCH: Police in Molepolole have officially acknowledged the puzzling disappearance of Phenyo Jakoba, a taxi driver reported missing last Friday. Although his vehicle has been located, it now bears private number plates and is in the possession of new owners who have presented change of ownership documents, asserting that Jakoba sold them the car.
As of now, the taxi driver remains missing, and the vehicle is under police custody. Three individuals connected to the new ownership were questioned but subsequently released.

Posted by The Voice Newspaper Botswana on Tuesday, November 14, 2023

It has now been over a week since the family of 35-year-old Phenyo Jakoba, a missing taxi driver from Molepolole, continues their desperate search for their beloved son.

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Jakoba disappeared last Thursday after leaving his Thamaga home for work in Molepolole, driving his Honda Fit car.

The situation took an unexpected turn when, later in the afternoon, Jakoba contacted his girlfriend using a different number, requesting her to charge his phone as he had left it at home.

Concern escalated when he failed to return home that night.

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The following day, when his girlfriend inquired with his family about his whereabouts, they too were unaware of his location.

Discovery of Jakoba’s car further complicated matters, as fellow taxi drivers found it bearing private number plates and under the control of a new owner.

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Subsequently, the taxi drivers took the new owner and his two friends to the Molepolole police station, presenting ownership documents as proof of the alleged sale.

After questioning, the police released the trio. However, upon concerns raised by Bakwena Taxi Association Secretary, Kenanao Motswana, about the car being crucial evidence, the police confiscated it.

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According to Jakoba’s uncle, Onkgopotse Mokgosi, the individuals claiming to have purchased Jakoba’s car reported meeting him on Friday morning near the Department of Road Transport and Safety. “They said he then gave them blue book to sign and left them before they got inside the offices to change the blue book saying he was going to Mogoditshane. We did not know anything about him selling the car. Even his girlfriend didn’t know,” said Mokgosi.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Mokgosi expressed appreciation for the police’s efforts and the updates provided to the family.

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He acknowledged relying on divine intervention and appealed for information from anyone who could assist in locating his nephew. “Though sometimes our emotions go high, only God can help us we are just relying on His mercy and we plead for help from anyone who can help with information to find Jakoba,” concluded the concerned uncle.

Kenanao Motswana stated that the taxi association has actively joined the family in the search, covering the Mahetlwe area.

“This week we joined the family and searched around the Mahetlwe area. Our intention is to meet as the leaders on Monday and arrange for a meeting with fellow taxi drivers to discuss how we can better assist Jakoba’s family,” Motswana explained, further emphasizing the broader safety concerns among taxi drivers in Molepolole, citing incidents of stolen taxis, robberies, and murders.

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