Rhumba rivalry gone too far

Tshupo Matontshe
SCARRED: Captain Dollary

Franco’s guards beat rowdy rival to a pulp

Afro Rhumba star Saulo “Captain Dollary” Basumi was this week left nursing wounds on the face after he suffered serious sjambok injuries at a festival, featuring his nemesis, Franco Lesokwane as its main act.

Captain Dollary of Afro Rhumba stars has alleged that Franco’s bouncers at the Franco’s Bushfire Festival at Rasesa beat him to a pulp.

He has since reported the matter to the police.

Confirming the case, Mochudi Police Station Commander, Dick Busang told The Voice Newspaper that, “The man came here, yes, and we took him to the hospital. He pressed charges of assault and our investigation is still at the preliminary inquiry stage.”

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In an interview Dollary however told this publication that the only wrong he had committed that earned him an incision on the face and some serious beating was asking for a refund.

“I told the people at the gate that since I bought the ticket before I was informed that alcohol was not allowed inside and I had alcohol in my possession, they should refund me. The people referred me to Franco himself who was by the stage at that time. Just as I was looking for Franco, bouncers landed on me with a rain of fists and kicks. When I was in my car, a sjambok from one of these bouncers cut through my face.” Basumi somberly narrated.

He said he could count a total of 11 men one of whom he identified as “Thato” who attacked him. “The sjambok, Dollary explained, was wielded by one guard who is said to be a masked independent bouncer

“When someone comes to maintain peace and order at a festival with a masked face, it must tell you that he came there with ill– intentions. When I came back from the hospital, I went to see Franco and told him about my embarrassing experience at the hands of his bouncers. He just ignored me.”

Franco however had a different version of the story to tell

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Rhumba rivalry gone too far
PARTLY RESPONSIBLE: Franco’s bouncers allegedly beat up Captain Dollary

He said Dollary was part off a trio that often disrupts his performances.

The trio is allegedly made up of Dollary, his twin brother Paul and another guy simply called Joe, Franco alleged.

“He told me he was beaten by my bouncers, yes, but that was just conversation on his side since he had already taken the matter to the Police. What was I to solve if the case is already with the police? I was told that Saulo had demanded his refund but instead of moving his car from the entrance, he left it there to go look for me.”

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Franco also could not confirm nor deny that his personal bouncers took part in the beating since there were three security companies at the event.

He recounted a similar incident at Trekkers Nightclub when Dollary had caused a scene because he could not get in without pay.

He also noted another event when the same man and his mates had refused to wear festival tags because they were “allergic to paper”.

Police investigations continue.

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