Murder suspect remanded

Cathrine Moemedi
MURDER ACCUSED: Kebatho Maithamako (Brown Hat)

Maun Magistrate court has extended the remand warrant for murder suspect Kebatho Maithamako, 39, who’s accused of fatally stabbing Gothebe Mpho with a knife at a music festival in Toteng last month.

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The prosecution through the Investigating Officer Sergeant Motlhapi pleaded with court to deny the accused bail, to give them time to conduct their investigation.

Motlhapi told court that he was yet to collect statements from eye witnesses, and releasing the suspect could jeopardise the investigation.
“The investigation is still at an infancy stage, and we’re yet to recover the suspected murder weapon,” Sergeant Motlhapi told court.

Maitlhamako was arrested at a local bar, a few hours after his deadly assault on Mpho.

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“I recovered an Okapi knife and a tag from his pockets, but when I questioned him about it, he couldn’t give me a clear answer as he was drunk. At first he said he threw the knife away, but later changed the statement and claimed to have left it at the cattlepost” revealed Motlhapi.

Motlhapi argued that denying the suspect bail will also be for his own safety.

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He said he visited the family of the deceased a day before he was buried, and that they were still hurting and angry at the suspect something which can put his life in danger.

Maitlhamako however pleaded with the Magistrate to let him go, as the prosecution has been given enough time to interview witnesses.

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“I’ve already told this court that I want to engage an attorney. I’m unemployed and I have to be out so that I can sell my cattle to raise money for legal fees,” he said.

“Further more, I don’t know who the state witnesses are so there is no how I can tamper with the investigation,” said Maithamako.

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This was however not good enough to move the Magistrate, who instead ordered that the suspect be further remanded until 3rd October when he returns for status update.

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