Local author makes her mark

Tshepo Kehimile
AUTHOR: One Pearl Matlapeng

An accomplished author, One Pearl Matlapeng is slowly making her mark in the writing industry as she has recently published two novels titled THE GHOST OF LIFE and Bogwera Bo Senang Kgajane.

The 35-year-old’s first novel was Phuduhudu ga e tlhatlhelwe, which was published in 2005 and made waves as it was added to the senior school curriculum.

Narrating how her passion for writing was born, Matlapeng said,“It all started when I was doing form 2. I loved to write so much that when my peers were busy studying, I would be writing about them in my little story book which I kept away from everyone.

One day my teacher confiscated it because it disturbed my studies and I was so sad but a month later she returned it and told me that what I wrote was perfect for publishing.

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That was how my first book came into being when I was still studying for my Botswana General Certificate Secondary Education (BGCSE)”

Local author makes her mark
ENTERTAINING: Matlapeng\’s \’The Ghost of Life\”

Sixteen years later, The Tlokweng-born writer who is motivated by God to continue to publish her second and third book (Ghost of Life) which talks about a remarkable woman of integrity and well-cultivated morals with everything life has to offer who encounters challenges when her husband meets his tragic sudden demise.

A graduate of Film, Television and Entertainment at Awil college said she was working on diversifying her art to film in order to expand her craft.

“I have turned Phuduhudu ga e tlhatlhelwe into a 26- episode television drama, which was shot at Bokaa Village as a way of giving back to the community I grew up at.Furthermore, we have opened auditions for Ghost of Life television drama as my biggest dream is for my work to premiere on big film broadcasters such as Netflix,” she said.

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