Job seeker scammed of P600

Kitso Ramono
CONNED: Dadani

An unemployed Francistown man has shared his distressing experience after his hopes of securing employment were dashed by a Security Services driver who took advantage of his vulnerable situation, defrauding him out of P600.00 with the false promise of a job offer.

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Tshepang Dadani, a 23-year-old resident of Bluetown in Francistown, found himself in dire circumstances and sought assistance from The Voice to expose the ordeal he recently endured while searching for employment.

His misfortune led him to an opportunistic middleman.

Dadani thought his luck had turned when Antony Chigba approached him upon hearing about his desperate job search.

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Chigba offered to assist him in obtaining a job at his work place within two days, on the condition that Dadani paid P600.00.

According to Dadani, Chigba instructed him to prepare his application documents, place them in a file, and include the P600.00, which would serve as a guarantee for employment.

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Dadani followed these instructions, believing he would be hired by the company’s Human Resource Manager, Malvin Ndlovu, within the promised two days.

Dadani said he waited for two weeks, hoping to hear good news from Chigba or Ndlovu, who was supposed to receive his application.

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However, he was disappointed when Chigba told him that the company was no longer hiring and that he would notify him when they resumed hiring. “I felt cheated and betrayed,” Dadani said. “He took my money and my documents and gave me false hope.”

When approached for comment, Ndlovu denied any involvement in Chigba’s scheme. He said he only knew Chigba as an employee and had never asked him to recruit people for a fee. “I am a God fearing person and a church leader,” Ndlovu said. “I would never do such a thing.”

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Chigba, on the other hand, admitted that he received money from Dadani but refused to answer any further questions. He said he was broke and wanted quick cash.

Dominic Khumo, the General Manager of Security Services, emphasized the company’s commitment to ethical behavior, noting that their primary role is to protect property, not engage in fraudulent activities.


He said the company did not condone such behavior and would conduct an inquiry and follow the necessary protocol. “We are a security company that protects people’s property, not steals from them,” Khumo said. “Chigba will face disciplinary action and possible legal action.”

He also urged anyone who had been duped by Chigba or any other employee to come forward and report the matter to the company or the police.

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