Good news for bad hair

Cathrine Moemedi
HAIR TO HELP: Ntsie is a walking advert for the services she provides

Maun native cutting her way to unlikely career

For most of us women, a bad hair day is a recipe for misery.

At one time or another, we’ve surely all suffered hairdo horrors, when our natural crown is a royal mess, the mirror our mortal enemy and the thought of leaving the house to face the world too much to bear.

The people of Maun, however, need fear not; there’s good news for our bad hair!

Help is at hand in the form of Mphoyame Ntsie and her Bad Hair Fixer Glam-up studio.

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By her own admission, the 26-year-old is an unlikely savior!

Despite her best efforts, Ntsie, who has a degree in Transport Management and Logistics, was unable to find work in her chosen profession.

Following the end of her internship at the Department of Transport last June, six months of unemployment persuaded the young go-getter to switch roads and take her life in a completely new direction.

“Staying at home and doing nothing was not an option for me. After dropping my CVs to different companies and organisations with no avail, I placed my qualifications aside and came up with a business ideas to sustain myself and take care of my family,” noted Ntsie, referring to her three siblings and mother.

Thus, after many hours glued to the screen watching YouTube tutorials, in December 2023 the Maun native used her savings to launch Bad Hair Fixer Glam-up studio at her home in Disaneng Ward.

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Good news for bad hair
VARIETY: Ntsie has mastered several styles

“When I started, I had no one teaching me; I was purely driven by my passion for beauty. I relied solely on YouTube and Google for information about products as well as techniques to achieving a perfect look,” explained Ntsie, adding she derived inspiration from local beauticians making it big in BW, like Jessica Molefe and Kelly Mokoti.

The enterprise specialises in: frontal wig installations, wig revamp, wig customization, wig rentals, puff gels, hair wash and hair relaxing. Besides hair, Ntsie also does make-up.

With patience and dedication, she has gradually sharpened her skills; her reputation is on the rise in the tourist town.

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“Maun people accepted my line of business; I get support from friends, family and strangers. I also receive clients outside Maun provided they book well on time. My prices of wig installation range from P200 – P300 depending on the type of glue and styling clients prefer, puff gel P150, make-up P120, customization P250,” reveals the astute businesswoman.

Although the enterprise has enjoyed relative success in its first six months of operation, like hungry head lice, the inevitable challenges still creep in.

“My line of business is seasonal; months can pass without having any clients. I receive a lot of bookings during holiday sessions. I also source my products and other equipment from Gaborone and Francistown hence I incur a lot of expenses on transporting them,” states Ntsie, who lists working from home as an additional challenge, as it is a distance from the town centre.

As a newbie in the market, Ntsie also faces stiff competition from the well-established beauty studios in Maun.

Despite these obstacles, the big-thinking beautician has high hopes for the future.

Her ambition includes establishing her own beauty studio in the next five years, where she intends to teach other women keen to venture into the beauty industry.

Good news for bad hair
SLEEK AND STYLISH: Frontal installation

“I have dreams of working with bigger brands such as Dark and Lovely, Dischem, Clicks, Milk Makeup and Shara hair in South Africa and also having my own 100 percent human frontal hair line. With hard-work and belief, the possibilities are endless!” she concludes confidently.

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