Defence ministry cashes in on fines

Daniel Chida
PERMANENT SECRETARY: Botlhale Makgekgenene

The Ministry of Defence and Security, through Compliance Inspection, has accumulated fines totaling P708 800.00 from a total of 102 registered companies in the last years.

When speaking during Stakeholder Seminar for Procuring Entities and Consumers of Private Security Services, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary (PS), Botlhale Makgekgenene, said that such inspections will continue to be done randomly throughout the year to improve compliance and thus service delivery.

“Labour disputes also arise from non-payment of security employees. Other critical issues affecting security service providers include, late payment of security companies which affects their cash-flow, awarding of tenders to companies that under charge or under-quote and are then unable to operate, award of tenders to companies that pay employees below the minimum wage or approved rates and general disregard for the contract signed by both parties.”

The PS said that often times companies complain of late or non-payment by the consumers and that there is need to change so that the workforce do their part to expedite payments as per contracts entered into with service providers. “This is a core responsibility of the corporate services function. I am aware that the challenges are not just one sided. We will therefore be hosting stakeholder’s seminars for security service providers.”

She added that there are issues of productivity and professionalism which they also need to address to ensure procuring entities get value for their money. “Contracts entered into should be honored by both parties and my Ministry is committed to professionalising this industry to become the employer of choice. As our valued stakeholders, you are pivotal in achieving this goal.”

She further noted that security is vital for attracting investors into the country and hence inject resources into our economy. “The more vigilant the security sector, the more attractive we are to investors.”

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