Croz bred preaches peace

Grooving in the Ghetto
Croz Bred

Local Hip Hop talent Croz Bred is putting the finishing touches to his debut EP, ‘Morwa Khumoetsile’ a ten-track offering he hopes to have ready by April.

As he builds towards its release after a year of sweat and toil, the 26-year-old artist is set to drop the EP’s fourth single ‘Message 2 Africa’ this Tuesday (21 January).

Featuring Skavenja and Quin P in a mixture of English and Setswana, it is a song close to the young singer’s heart.

“The track encourages Africans to come together. It covers issues like last year’s xenophobic attacks in South Africa, drug abuse, gender based violence and murder while highlighting the evil of such ills and the devastation they cause to society. It is a message of peace!” proclaims the softly spoken Croz Bred, who relocated to Gaborone in 2017 after losing his job as a plant operator when Tati Nickel Mine closed.

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Produced by Em Joe and K Fros, ‘Message 2 Africa’ contains a melodic beat reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’.

With hard-hitting lyrics that resonate with the listener, backed up by a catchy tune, this single could be the making of Croz Bred, who mixed and mastered the song himself.

Available on all social media platforms, the Hip Hop crooner has created a Whatsapp Group (77902688) for his fans to access his music.


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