Tom’s Inn lounge grand opening

Grooving in the Ghetto

Residents of Masunga will be treated to a night of music and dance at Tom’s Inn Lounge on Saturday 25th.

This will be the nightclub’s grand opening and organisers have booked the versatile MC Maswe and his Beauty Queens for the occasion.

With his latest offering ‘Chisungo’ featuring Lucia Dottie, where he makes his first attempt at Amapiano, Maswe will surely rock the party.

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Other songs on the new project include ‘Piano Kuru’ featuring Kesa and DJ Kokmakay and ‘Masika’ featuring his Beauty Queens and Tiboz.

The legendary Maswe will share the stage with Fez BW, DJs Kokmakay, Lenty, Thresh and Trisha.

The theme for the grand opening is ‘Back to School’ and P20 gets you in.

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