Celeb edition with DJ Kuchi

Sharon Mathala

With 19 years of experience on the decks, few locals in the music industry can match the longevity of DJ Kuchi; fewer still can match his talent!

Through hard work, passion, and a unique skill-set, the long-lasting DJ has established himself as one of the best, not just in Botswana, but in the Southern African region as a whole.

Q. I know you must get this a lot but we will ever see the resurrection of summer Xplosion?

Yes my intention is to do one last one.

I lost a lot money after the last one, so I redirected my focus to my bottled water business.

Once it’s in a position to afford an event, I’ll do one last Xplosion powered by AGUA – Pure Water, with a plan like buy a certain amount of water and get a free ticket.

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Any sponsors that are interested, hola!

Q. So what kept you busy during lockdown?

My business has been keeping me busy; water is essential! Also lots of studio sessions.

And what bad habits did you pick-up during the lockdown?

Nothing really bad – lockdown brought me closer to my family, so I’m grateful for that.

It is something I never really had time or chance to do in the past so yeah.

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Q. Tell us about your next music project – what can we look out for?

Well I’m always working on new stuff, new collaborations.

So the idea is to create my own sound that’s mine and take it to the world.

I’m no longer pursuing international collaborations; we have so much talent here in Botswana, we need to expose it.

Q. Of all your music, which song is closest to your heart?

That’s a hard one because my songs are literally like my babies.

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But if I were to choose maybe I will settle for my first track with ATI called ‘Hey You’.

At the time we thought to bring something knew and so we stepped out of the box and brought something no one expected.

The song went as far as BBC Radio – it was the first BW track to achieve that!

Q. How long does it normally take you to complete all the engineering of a song?

It depends on how good the singer is (laughs).

But usually two – three weeks, I’m a perfectionist so I over do things!

Q. Do you listen to your own music?

All the time! More especially when I’m finishing a song, I can listen to the same track for a full day, trying to pick up mistakes/imperfections.

Q. Who do you think is the best performer in BW currently?

There are so many to choose from.

I wouldn’t know, I can’t say really.

Q. Do you believe beefs are necessary in the music industry?

To promote music yes. Controversy sells!

Five things people don’t know about you?

  • All the music I release is made from start to finish by me in Phase 2
  • I’m actually very friendly, yet I look un-approachable
  • I grew up in Gabs, lived here my whole life
  • My name came about cause I was a cute baby and had chubby cheeks, so people would pinch them and say Kuchi Kuchi Kuu
  • I run a bottled water business full time, AGUA – Pure Water

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