Battle of sex toys

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FIGHTING: Dewa ( Credit:

The government has been taken to court for banning the use and ownership of sex toys.

Of course they will never know who uses them unless one is careless to show them off in public.

But I guess the main issue in this case is the importation of these devices which are sourced from outside.

The plaintiff clearly wants the government to allow them in the country so that those in need of them can easily get them.

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It would be interesting to listen to the arguments of this case considering that we live in a very conservative society whose values are guided by Christianity.

The complainant in this matter is the leader of a local non-governmental organisation, Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence, Sithabile Dewa who feels her rights and those of other women have been infringed upon as the ban of sex toy deprives her of ‘self exploration and self sexual gratification’

Sex toys in Zimbabwe are prohibited under goods that are described as indecent, obscene or objectionable or any goods which might tend to deprave the morals of inhabitants.

But according to Dewa, using vibrators and other sex toys is morally correct and far much safer that engaging in casual sex which might result in her contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Being a divorcee, Dewa says she might not find another partner soon since there are more women than men, but in the meantime she still needs to satisfy her sexual desires.

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“….to that end, I want to acquire and use sex toys that are designed to give me sexual gratification,” she argues in the court papers.

Only time will tell if the government will even entertain this case or it will just be dismissed because as stated earlier, Zimbabwe is a conservative country and has said it will never allow some practices which the West argues are part of human rights.

In other news, civil servants have been awarded a 100 percent Zimdollar salary increment while their other allowances which are paid in US dollar have also been reviewed upwards.

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This all comes a few months before the general elections and one cannot help but not wonder if this not meant to appease public workers.

Unfortunately though, they will not enjoy the Zim dollar increment as it will be wiped away by inflation seeing that our local money loses value with each passing day.

It’s really tough for the ruling ZanuPF in terms of the economic situation and I wonder what lies they will be telling us with regards to the economy.

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