Worst performing ministers

Daniel Chida
Leader of Opposition, Dithapelo Keorapetse

Those in cabinet by default

Following a feature on Members of Parliament with little or no contribution at all in The Third Meeting of The Fourth Session of The 12th Parliament, this week, The Voice staffer, DANIEL CHIDA zooms in on Ministers. Some of the Ministers together with Assistant Ministers have been a big disappointment.

Kgotla Autlwetse-Minister of Local Government and Rural Development

He was caught between government and Bamangwato tribal issues. He focused more on the tribal issues neglecting his duties. Autlwetse then relegated his duties to his three Assistants, Sethabelo Modukanele, Mabuse Pule and Talitha Monnakgotla who also failed to rise to the occasion.

Worst performing ministers
Talitha Monnakgotla

Talitha Monnakgotla-Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development

One of the worst performers in parliament, maybe her bad performance could be the reason why she was the only woman in parliament who was not appointed to a full or assistant ministerial position at some point. As a successful businesswoman a lot was expected from her but most of her contributions are disappointingly pedestrian in nature. Many people do not know that she is a Minister.

Worst performing ministers
Edwin Dikoloti

Edwin Dikoloti-Minister of Health

He did fairly well as Minister of Agriculture but later got reshuffled to the Ministry of Health. It is at the Ministry of Health where he attracted a lot of controversy due to shortage of medicines in clinics and hospitals.

Of late, nurses and doctors have been on a go slow and Dikoloti is not giving the nation updates or the attention it deserves like the ministry did during Covid 19 pandemic. He has abdicated and things are handled by his Assistant, Sethomo Lelatisitswe.

Worst performing ministers
Annah Mokgethi

Annah Mokgethi-Minister of Labour and Home Affairs

Her personal problems have dominated the headlines making her to participate less where she is needed. However some of her notable contributions include the much appreciated Citizenship Act and Married Person Property Act.

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Worst performing ministers
Eric Molale

Eric Molale- Minister of Transport and Public works

A once respected member of the house who also served as Permanent Secretary to the President, (PSP) Molale seems to have lost interest in politics. He is no longer vocal like before.

At some point there were allegations that he was to be made the Vice President but that fell off after he failed to win by-elections in his area. He must retire and stop embarrassing himself any further by being captured sleeping through the proceedings.

Worst performing ministers
Dumezweni Mthimkhulu

Dumezweni Mthimkhulu – Assistant Minister of State President

You cannot separate Mthimkhulu and controversy. From his days as an opposition member to the ruling party where he now is, Mthimkhulu has been followed by controversy. In parliament he was vocal during the Constitutional (Amendment ) Bill No.14 of 2020.

His argument was that The floor crossing bill was about protecting public vote and the will of the people.

Worst performing ministers
Thulaganyo Segokgo

Thulaganyo Segokgo-Minister of Communications, Knowledge and Technology

A member of cabinet from Tlokweng is mostly visible during ground breaking and projects launch. His major contribution was in 2021 when he brought the Aviation Security (Amendment) Bill before the house.

He argued that security remained government’s top priority hence the need to amend the Aviation Act. Apart from that he supports the ruling party’s motions and bills.

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Worst performing ministers
Ronald Machana Shamukuni

Ronald Machana Shamukuni-Minister of Justice

A very quiet Minister who many knew through his controversial bill about decriminalisation of same sex relations. Having tabled the bill and making news from some religious organisations, Shamukuni felt the heat and deferred it to a later date.

The other contribution that he once made was when he appeared at the United Nations arguing that the former President, Ian Khama’s life was not under threat.

Worst performing ministers
Beauty Manake

Beauty Manake-Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry

Whilst most Assistant Ministers step up to help their bosses in Ministries and generally defend government position, the Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Manake has branded herself as a confused character who is often at the centre of corporate controversies.

Soon after facing off with her boss in the SPEDU boardroom brawl, Manake attracted attention with her contribution on a motion by the Leader of Opposition, Dithapelo Keorapetse which was requesting government to immediately negotiate with BCL liquidator on behalf of former BCL employees for a targeted programme of subsidised purchase of the mines houses.

She was exposed as a clown when she claimed that the motion was her idea but later opposed it through her vote. Maybe that is the reason why the President has shifted her around from one Ministry to another as Assistant.

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