Two-and-a-half years and still no postmortem

Cathrine Moemedi

Prosecution dither in ‘donkey death’ murder case

Almost two-and-a-half years after a man was killed in cold blood, those prosecuting his murder case are yet to receive the postmortem from the pathologist.

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This was the tough-to-swallow revelation made before Maun Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday as the matter appeared for status update.

Modibedi Agang was battered to death on 29th October, 2019 at Polokabatho cattlepost in a dispute over a dead donkey he is suspected to have slaughtered.

Eight men were arrested in connection with the case, with specially elected BDP councillor, Keebonye Lepodisi Mphoyamodimo, grabbing the headlines for his position in the ruling party.

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The 41 year-old politician’s co-accused include: Howard Moyo, 42, Mmoloki Makhi, 39, Bonolo Dibebe, 29, Lebapotswe Luka Madubula, 39, Oaboloka Keletso, 29, Kabo Moyantweng, 24, and 21-year-old Modimoosi Tseladioka.

Updating the court on the status of the matter, DPP Prosecutor, Tebogo Kaome, admitted they were still without the post-mortem report.

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“The matter was coming for a status update, the only update we have is that we are awaiting the postmortem report. May we be given another date for status update?” requested Kaome.

For his part, Mphoyamodimo apologised on behalf of their attorney, who had to rush to Kasane and failed to make it to court.

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“We will wait for the prosecution to collect everything they need,” he said, while the other seven suspects remained silent.

It is said that on the fateful day, the accused eight had gone to Polokabatho in pursuit of Agang, and two others, Dipuo Nkhana and Duncan Senyatso.

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It is believed their intention was to confront and question the trio over the killing and theft of domestic animals at their cattlepost, for which the finger of blame pointed firmly at them.

The suspects reportedly found Agang armed with knockberries and an electric cable. They attempted to disarm him but he resisted and a short scuffle ensued, in which Agang was swiftly overpowered.

The accused are said to have bound Agang to Nkhana by rope and then taken turns to beat both men to a pulp.

After the alleged assault, police believe the suspects loaded the two men into a vehicle and drove them to where the donkey was killed.

On the drive back to Maun, where they seemingly intended on handing the duo over to the cops, Agang is said to have fainted; he never gained consciousness and was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Currently out on bail, all eight accused persons are set to appear again on 21st September for status update; hopefully the prosecution will have the post-mortem in their possession by then!

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