‘The reason we shine’

Christinah Motlhabane
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING: Maoketsa hands over a certificate

Debswana says ‘thank you’ to long-serving employees

On Friday night, the living diamonds at the heart of Debswana’s success received their flowers, as Orapa Letlhakane and Damatshaa Mines (OLDM) honoured its long-serving employees.

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In total, 144 workers were recognised for their tireless service to the mining giant’s, spanning a minimum of 20 years, including two who have been with the company for a staggering 40 years.

Thanking the award-winners for their dedication to Debswana, OLDM General Manager (GM), Mogakolodi Maoketsa noted such loyalty and commitment was hard to find and an inspiration to all.

“You have played a significant role in not only making Debswana shine over the years but in building this country to what it is today. For a good number of us, our term of service with Debswana may have been characterised by us considering other attractive job offers. However, we decided to remain with Debswana. This, I believe reflects the level of job satisfaction you must have felt,” said Maoketsa, describing the institutional knowledge and experience they have gained over the years as ‘irreplaceable’.

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“It is what adds to the unique culture of Debswana’s success in a number of key projects across the company and indeed here at OLDM,” he declared.

Continuing his superior’s praise, OLDM Assistant General Manager, Ditiro Lentswe said such employees possess a wealth of expertise, which he proudly noted they are happy to share with their comrades.

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“Beyond your work being valued, we recognise the personal contribution you have made within our internal and external communities. Let us continue to strive for excellence in all we do as we strive to reach greater heights, create impact and leave a lasting legacy for Batswana near and far,” challenged Lentswe.

In his appreciation speech, Segolame Mabote, who has worked for Debswana for 35 years, said it was an honour to be associated with one of the world’s leading diamond enterprises for such a long time.

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“We all have grown in various aspects of our careers and personal lives, have seen the company transforming the economy of this country and even transforming us at individual levels. Many of us came in just after completion of school at the different levels, we found our spouses, some in the workplace, in the course of our work, and have even become parents and grandparents,” revealed an emotional Mabote, before collecting his well-deserved certificate.

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