Seetso, a star in the making

Tshepo Kehimile
GOING PLACES: Denzel Seetso


At the age of 14, Denzel Seetso’s name has long been on the lips of everyone who follows local tennis.

The youngster, whose exploits locally and regionally have been the stuff of dreams, appears set for tennis stardom.

Earlier this year, Seetso was officially ranked first in Africa after winning Individual Under 14 International Federation (ITF)/ Confederations of African of Tennis (CAT) tournament.

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The youngster’s triumph ended Botswana’s 20-year wait for a medal!

With support from his parents and his personal trainer, Phenyo Matong, who have all played a key role in the teenager’s rise, the sky is surely the limit for Seetso.

Speaking to Voice Sport recently, the grounded youth described reaching the Africa Junior Championships final as the highlight of his career to date.

“I was really happy to have reached the finals. Although I did not win, it was a massive feeling and I will forever cherish that moment,” he said with a slightly shy smile.

Taking over the interview, Matong stressed that although he was not getting carried away with his charge’s success, they both have high hopes for the future.

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“Denzel has surprised a lot of people by his tremendous work rate. Whenever he’s given a chance to play, he gives his best. Surely he is destined to reach greater heights provided he stays level-headed!”

However, Matong noted that as Seetso’s progress in the game continues, so too do the financial requirements increase.

“All these travelling costs and other fees incurred are basically from his parents who I commend for playing their part because an athlete of Denzel’s calibre needs a great deal of financial support in order to take his sport to another level.

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“I have played this sport for over 15 years and I have never seen any player progress without financial means hence I call all the investors to protect and nurture this young talent,” urged the coach.

Heaping yet more praise on his player’s slender shoulders, Matong went on to say, “Denzel is arguably the top 14-year-old tennis player in Africa.

“He has won every ITF/CAT event he participated in this year except three, was selected by the ITF to the European Tour in July and he has been invited to participate in the International Under 14 and Grand Slam Development Fund (GSDF) team which is sanctioned by ITF and GSDF at Florida between the 28th of November and the 23rd of December just to mention a few!”

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