Retebo, employees stand – off sorted

Daniel Chida
RETEBO workers during strike

Following reports where RETEBO cleaning employees downed their tools at Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone citing unpaid salaries, the company has come out to apologized for the delay.

In his statement, RETEBO Managing Director, Resego Dambuza, said that they understand the importance of timely compensation.

“We deeply regret any hardship this delay may have caused, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and financial strain it may have brought upon our team. At RETEBO, our employees and stakeholders have always been our greatest asset, and their well-being is of paramount importance to us. We fully acknowledge that the delayed salary payments have fallen short of our commitment to support our employees, and we take full responsibility for this situation.”

Dambuza said that they acknowledge their full confidence in Princess Marina Hospital as one of their major clients.

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“Just recently, the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (commonly known as GABS) was down and operating under limited capacity, which resulted in delays in processing payment to various service providers and stakeholders, including RETEBO,” he explained.

He assured his employees and stakeholders that amid all challenges, all pending employee wages were fully disbursed on Tuesday.

He went further and shared their commitment, which he said is ‘open communication’ where they encourage all employees to reach out to their respective Human Resources Department or supervisors should there be any pending matters to discuss.

He said that they are also committed to “preventative measures” where they are conducting a thorough review of our payment processes to prevent such delays from occurring in the future.

“For the past 15 years, RETEBO has remained committed to providing high-level service to its valued clients. The management of RETEBO remain resolute, committed and we value each and every one of our employees and stakeholders hence our commitment to always rectify matters promptly,” he humbly said.

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