Political Pain to Religious Rise

Francinah Baaitse
NEW ROLE: Kgaga in his new robes

Kgaga appointed Church Bishop after losing BCP Primaries

They say the Good Lord takes with one hand and gives with the other.

This certainly rings true for Boro-Senonnori ward Councillor, Kenson Kgaga.

After suffering a blow in his political career, losing out in Botswana Congress Party (BCP) primary elections last month, the 76-year-old firebrand has swiftly bounced back in his religious endeavors, appointed Deputy Bishop of Faith Gospel After Christ Church.

Despite assuming the holy seat, Kgaga insists he has no intention of quitting active politics, insisting he can balance both worlds.

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“To me, leading a church and representing people in politics serves the same purpose. We are called to love people, to show compassion and fight against the wrongs that can happen against human kind; we are there to represent fairness and justice,” the smooth-talking old timer told The Voice.

Rubbishing the notion that politics cannot go hand-in-hand with Christianity, Kgaga added, “Not all politicians are liars, not all of them are killers; some politicians are good people, trust worthy and God fearing. Leading a church is a calling just like leading people in politics.”

He further maintained that his shock loss at last month’s primaries will not dampen his enthusiasm for BCP.

Pledging to continue working hard to ensure his party emerges victorious at the polls next year, Kgaga said, “If you remember, initially I did not want to contest, but some people requested me to renege on the idea because they believed I was a stronger candidate – but God had his plans.”

The veteran concluded be reiterating his support for party President, Dumelang Saleshando.

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The incumbent Member of Parliament for Maun West, Saleshando is set to try his luck in Maun North, a newly set political constituency, in the 2024 general elections.

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