Ngoni takes ‘I am a bird’ to Maun

Sharon Mathala
Wilson Ngoni

Renowned artist Wilson Ngoni is defying the tough covid-19 times to host an art exhibition dubbed “I am a bird.”

The exhibition will be hosted at the Nhabe Museum in Maun from October 14th to October 31st.

Known for his extraordinary work with realism and surrealism, the exhibition curator Thabo Kgwatlhwane is confident that, “This exhibition is going to be one for the ages.”
Asked to speak on the exhibition Kgatlhwane said: “The exhibition is entitled “I Am A Bird,” a sentiment Mr. Ngoni holds close to his heart that birds are free. They are beautiful and their song is inspiring. In this exhibition, Mr. Ngoni created pieces that have exceptional colors and light, beautifully made and will surely capture the hearts of many.”

“Mr. Ngoni says humanity is facing a lot of challenges at the moment and so the human race, like the birds, needs to replenish. He had been working tirelessly in the last three weeks to put the pieces together,” Kgatlhwane further shared.

Ngoni takes ‘I am a bird’ to Maun
ART SAMPLE: An art piece by Ngoni

In the future, the duo is looking into tapping into the international market starting with exhibitions in Namibia, Zambia, and South Africa before the end of the year.

“Wilson and I plan to shift our focus to outside of the country after this exhibition with hopes of showcasing in Lusaka, Windhoek, and Johannesburg by the end of next year. Wilson, like most creative’s, believes art is meant to be taken to the people and this is what we are planning on doing,” he said.

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For his part, Ngoni tells Voice Entertainment that with the exhibition he hopes to inspire change with all that is happening in the world at the moment.

“I am painting colorful things, life, and happiness. You see birds sing at dawn and I hope my paintings are the dawn songbird that welcomes life as the day breaks. Hope! The world is going through a lot right now, but there should be hope somewhere and that somewhere must be in my art. I paint to contribute to the general happiness of humanity and I hope these paintings reach this dream of mine,” Ngoni said.

“I am a bird. I am free. I am in the sky, airborne and Astral! I paint freedom, happiness, love, energy, and all the positive good vibes of life. I paint for the love of art, I do it so that some good light shines on us all,” the artist further added.

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