Masisi to deliver 100 000th Plot


In a landmark milestone, President Mokgweetsi Masisi is set to deliver the 100,000th residential plot to Batswana on June 11th in Kanye, fulfilling a major government promise from 2022.

This historic event marks the culmination of a fast-tracked two-year effort to address the pressing issue of residential plot shortages across the nation.

The celebratory countdown kicks off on June 7th in Mochudi, where Minister of Lands and Water Affairs Kefentse Mzwinila will officiate the allocation of the 99,900th plot. As of May 31st, 2024, the Ministry had already achieved 99,500 allocations through its various land boards.

With many Batswana waiting for plots since as far back as 2006, this achievement is a significant acceleration compared to previous years, where land allocation had been at a standstill.

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During the 2022/23 financial year, 55,720 plots were allocated, followed by 33,182 in 2023/24. Since April 1st, 2024, an additional 10,602 plots have been distributed, with the final few set to be allocated next week.

Several land boards played key roles in surpassing their targets, including Kgatleng, Chobe, Ghanzi, Kgalagadi, Rolong, and Tati.

Chobe, for instance, exceeded its target of 5,269 allocations, ultimately distributing 10,752 plots.

Ghanzi also surpassed its target of 2,528, reaching 5,022 allocations.

Kgalagadi and Rolong beat their targets of 4,325 and 1,784, recording 6,312 and 2,774 allocations, respectively.

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Tati and Kgatleng achieved 6,923 and 3,407 allocations, surpassing their targets of 6,511 and 3,280.

“We did all layout inventory against allocation registers and layout inventory of acquired ploughing fields, which made it possible to reach our target,” said Kgatleng Land Board Chairperson Mothusi Terence Molefi.

He highlighted challenges such as encroachments into acquired ploughing fields and low turnouts for plot allocations. “In Mochudi alone, we invited 642 applicants, and only 341 turned up, resulting in 114 allocations made,” Molefi added.

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Despite these efforts, some land boards fell short of their targets.

Kweneng aimed for 11,285 allocations but managed only 8,354.

Ngwaketse and Ngwato, with targets of 21,974 and 22,092, achieved 16,467 and 21,075 allocations, respectively.

Tawana land board allocated 15,047 plots from a target of 17,918, and Malete achieved 2,376 from 2,607.

Tlokweng was the least successful, with only 995 plots allocated out of a target of 1,051.

While challenges like contamination of layouts by squatters and low response to invitations persist, the achievement of 100,000 plot allocations within two years marks a significant step forward.

As the nation celebrates this milestone, the focus now shifts to maintaining momentum and addressing the remaining hurdles in the quest to provide every Motswana with a place to call home.

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