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Man kills himself two days after wife’s death

A grieving 52-year-old has committed suicide after he couldn’t bear living alone following the death of his 71-year old wife.

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Two days following his wife’s death from a short illness, the deceased is said to have left home accompanied by his nephew to Weekend Bar in Lobatse where they knocked off a few cold ones to celebrate Independence Day.

According to Lobatse Police Station Commander Superintendent Boitshepho Kaisara, the deceased excused himself with a claim that he was off to check his friend, but never returned.

“Countless calls by his nephew were not answered,” said Kaisara.

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Concerned, his nephew then notified his other relatives who immediately went out to look for him, and later reported him missing.

He was found the next day hanging from a tree, with a scarf around his neck.

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Before he committed suicide the deceased reportedly sent a text message to one of his inlaws “Tla ke ye ko mosading wame (Let me go to my wife).

The deceased worked for Wayguard Security Services, while his wife worked for Ipelegeng.

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Funeral arrangements for the wife had to halted, and a decision was taken to bury the couple together this weekend.

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