Lion kills man, injures wildlife officer

Dead man’s first baby born 3 days later

A 46-year-old man of Sedie ward in Maun who was killed by an angry lion near buffalo fence in Boro last week Friday will be laid to rest this coming Sunday in Maun.

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The family spokesperson, Ditirafalo Itatoleng said at the time of his demise Bogolositswe Itatoleng’s girlfriend was heavily pregnant and has therefore delivered a baby boy three days ago.

“He did not live to see his first child,” lamented the cousin.

At the time of the interview the family was still awaiting conclusion of post-mortem process but maintained that they do not suspect any foul play.

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“We have seen his body and the injuries show that indeed he was mauled by a lion,” explained the cousin.

Itatoleng said although he went to the scene after the attack, he arrived there before the police and had an opportunity to see his cousin’s body.

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“We were in Maun when our companion received a call to announce the untimely demise of our family member. The caller said Bogolositswe has been killed by a lion and we rushed to the scene. When we got there, soldiers were already at the scene, we told them who we are and they allowed us to look at him but said we should not stand too close as we could contaminate the scene,” explained Itatoleng.

From what they got from eye witnesses, on Thursday night about three lions came into the village, a settlement at the bank of Boro river boat station, commonly known as DRC. The lions are said to have attacked and killed some of the livestock.

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One of the residents is said to have managed to kill two lions and injured the third one which then escaped.
The following morning, three men including Bogolositswe tracked the lion along the buffalo fence, but could not find it.

“On their return and just when they were approaching the village, the lion leaped from a tree and pounced on Bogolositswe,” explained Itatoleng.

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At the time the two other men are said to have run for their dear lives and a call was immediately made to the police and wildlife departments.

Confirming the report, Maun Police station commander, Dennis Zilawe said when they received the report on Friday afternoon, a team of soldiers, police and wildlife officers was immediately assembled and dispatched, “On arrival our team searched for the lion as they believed it posed danger to the people. During the search the lion leaped from it’s hiding place onto a Wildlife Officer.”

The 59-year old ranger sustained injuries on his leg and arm but is recuperating at hospital in Maun. Meanwhile other officers are said to have managed to kill the troublesome lion.

Responding to the human-wildlife conflict common in North West district, which is rich in wildlife, area councillor, Kenson Kgaga of Boro Senonnori ward opined that it is high time the government allowed people in these areas to hunt and kill wildlife that encroaches into residential territories.

Gaga contended that if the animals are hunted in these areas, it will make them to retreat back into wildlife protected areas and they will fear coming closer to the people, “As it is, government is seemingly protecting animals more than it does its people,”said Kgaga.


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