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Francinah Baaitse Mmana
Nonofo and Moitshepi Mataboge

Valentine dinner talk set for crocodile camp

A Maun based counseling company; Leadership Craft Network, has organized a valentine dinner and talk session to be held at Crocodile Camp on Valentine’s Day.

The company led by a Christian couple, Nonofo and Moitshepi Mataboge says the focus of the talks will be on faithfulness.

“We will discuss relationships particularly faithfulness. This is because we have realized that faithfulness is a challenge in many relationships.”

According to Nonofo who is an apostle of the word of God, the couple has realized that faithfulness is often if not the first issue that is cited in divorce cases. “Around issues of finance, violence and sex, there is always an element of faithfulness, ” Nonofo said.

However the man of God insisted that the session would not be about church but rather talk about love and relationships.

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“Our company does premarital counseling among others. Again as a pastor I do counseling and have to deal with issues of breaking and broken relationships and therefore it is my duty to save relationships,” he said.

The dinner however does not come free and is not restricted to couples. Single tickets are selling for P350 and two for P600.

Mataboge explains that, “People should know this is a unique and enhancing affair that is aimed at saving relationships. There is no price tag on love. Sometimes relationships suffer because those in it are not willing to invest in it.”

He was in fact encouraging people to invest in those relations they value, “Imagine what happens if your relationship that you value so much suffer because of lack of knowledge!”

The aim of the dinner talk according to Mataboge is to help build relations that would last a lifetime, “Every Feb 14th they are expecting their partners to take them out and reflect on their love lives. So it is important as well to gain from our Life tools that will improve their relationship. It is not just for them to just go spend money but to be part of this programme that perhaps will save one or two relationships.”

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