Killer husband makes U-turn

Portia Mlilo
Gomolemo Mmotlanyane

A man accused of killing his wife during a counselling session in May has made a surprise u-turn on the demands made during his last court appearance.

Gomolemo Mmotlanyane, 40, who fatally stabbed his wife Kababope Mmotlanyane, 34, had earlier asked court to summon a social worker to update him on the welfare of his children.

Kebabope who worked as a Social Worker in Moiyabana had gone for counselling with her husband, Mmotlanyane, following a misunderstanding when she was stabbed to death with a knife.

As per his request, a social worker was availed on Tuesday but the accused stunned court when he said he no longer wanted the update.

Instead he asked the Broadhurst Magistrate Goratile Moremi-Ramakoloi to grant him bail so that he could take care of his three children.

Mmotlanyane repeatedly said he was concerned about his children’s welfare, and wondered why it has taken almost five months for the Investigating Officer to wrap up the investigation.

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However the Magistrate reminded him that he failed to exercise his rights to appeal the bail decision within 14 days as advised by court.

“The 14 days have since elapsed. When I rejected your bail application I was looking at reasons advanced by the prosecution. This is a serious and sensitive matter and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The social worker told this court that the kids are safe and staying with your mother. She promised to continue visiting them, doing some assessment and if she is not satisfied, she will find a suitable and safer place for them,” said Ramakoloi.

The Magistrate ordered the accused be further remanded in custody and be brought back to court on the 10th October for mention.

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