Its business as usual – Seboko ignores ‘rebels’

Bame Piet

Says they are least of her problems

Paramount Chief of Bamalete, Kgosi Mosadi Seboko has dismissed a recent group of Bogwera initiates who defied her as not deserving of her attention. Speaking to The Voice Newspaper yesterday, Seboko said she has not been giving them much attention and only heard that they have returned from their escapades.

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“I don’t know much about them, except that I have heard rumours that they have returned from the initiation school. I think they are somewhere in the village among us. Life is going on, and I’m not having any sleepless nights,” she said, adding that the ‘rebels’ have not come to the main kgotla to debrief her as a normal practice.

Kgosi said she has no qualms with anybody exercising their democratic rights even if they seem to undermine her authority.

The group that is known as Maphalaola-a-pitse recently dragged Kgosi Mosadi Seboko and her juniors to the High Court demanding to be allowed to go ahead with the Bogwera initiation despite Kgosi Seboko’s position that it should not go ahead. The court ruled in her favour.

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There have been reports that the tribe is divided into two and there are those who believe that they are the true royal family. According to our sources, the Ntlha ya godimo ward/Goo Ntswa Ward believe that they are the true leaders of the tribe and are in possession of traditional medicine for initiation schools which can only be held by members of the royal family.

The sources further revealed that their main reason for defying the Kgosi and the court order is because of their possession of the traditional medicine, adding that a regiment has to have a representative or be led by a member of the royal family.

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Kgosi Seboko however dismissed such allegations, stating that she was not aware of any divisions and that people are free to say what they want to say since she has no capacity to know and respond to what every person is saying.

“People are always talking, saying a lot of things and I cannot respond to all things they say,” she said yesterday.

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Maphalaola a Pitse Cultural Association and 17 others led by Refentse Segwe had approached the High court seeking an order against Kgosi Seboko and others decision to cancel the traditional ceremony of Bogwera on July, 25th as unlawful.

However, the defiant group went ahead with the initiation enrolment saying the initiates (Magwera) have already undergone preparations and cultural rituals and have had traditional medicine applied on them and as such they could not be allowed back into the community according to Balete tradition.

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At the time, Seboko stood her ground saying traditional medicine would have to have been applied at the main Kgotla in the presence of the elders of the Bamalete tribe, herself , and the entire community. “This has not happened this year and has certainly not happened to the 18th Applicants,” the royal family said

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