Introducing Tickito

Leungo Mokgwathi

An ease of access e-ticketing system

The re-introduction of social gatherings post pandemic was a huge relief, especially for entertainment lovers who were psyched about returning to the fun scenes.

It has been refreshing to witness the comeback of some of our favourite events as well as the emergence of new ones.

A sad note however is that these events have been infiltrated by a new pandemic of ticket scams which is threatening the prosperity of event management. Tickito is a newly developed online ticketing system which aims to get a grip on this obstruction and ease ticket access and sales for both promoters and clients.

Marketing Executive, Tumelo Lekolwane, outlined the functionalities of this newly developed system which is powered by The Voice Newspaper. “Tickito is a locally developed online ticketing system. It serves the function of issuing tickets for various events, in a paperless manner.”

Instead of getting a physical and easily disposable ticket, clients will receive a QR code which they will scan at the event for access.

Lekolwane explained that this development is much needed considering the current trend of digital migration. “Furthermore, it comes at a time when the events industry is threatened by event scamming which is avoidable if people resort to digital tickets.”

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Addressing the question of why it would be worthwhile for a promoter to use this system, Lekolwane highlighted that Tickito gives event promoters full access, allowing them to monitor ticket sales from anywhere at any time.

Furthermore, he says clients pay directly to the promoter’s bank account which gives them full control over money generated through ticket sales.

“Promoters also get to have a database of their clientele.” An added value which comes at no cost for promoters is a feature on the newspaper’s Feel Good section.

“For their customers, this platform offers convenience since they can access it from anywhere at any time. It also liberates them from the hassle of paper tickets which can easily be lost.”

The tried and tested system which is safe from hacking is already up and running and can be accessed on The Voice website Lekolwane promises that it is a user-friendly system which is not at all challenging to navigate.

Clients can browse through to find out upcoming events, to purchase their tickets and get their QR code which will be accompanied by an SMS alert.

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