For the love of farming

Baitshepi Sekgweng
FARMER : Rasheed Khan

Driven by a passion for farming, youngster Rasheed Khan will bring together farmers in the Southern District under one roof to celebrate and reward farming excellence.

The inaugural J11 Farmers Gala Dinner is slated for Saturday 9th at Debswana Club, where Assistant Minister of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture Buti Billy will be officiating.

The 19-year-old Khan told Voice Online that farmers will be rewarded for excellence in categories such as Best Dog Breeder, Best Agricultural Field Officer, Best Veterinarian, Best Beef Producer, Best Crop Producer and Best Small stock Keeper.

The Sese native said the Gala dinner will offer farmers in the region a platform to network with other successful farmers.

“Most of the time we have no other ways of networking and building relationships that can help us grow. This gala dinner will help us establish a closely knit farmers networking group,” he said.

Khan said the motive is also to encourage more young When it comes to the youth, we have few of them in farming sector because they think of dirt when you talk of farming, they don’t know there is more to it.

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“However, they have done STEAM courses which mean’s we need them with their sciences to come with better innovations to sustainably aid agricultural ventures,” added Khan. Khan a farmer himself ,has always loved farming from a tender age taking care of chickens and goats.

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