Doubleup flying solo

Leungo Mokgwathi
FLYING SOLO: DoubleUp is single

…And has been for over a year!

Trouble is said to be brewing once more at South African record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, following whispers the brand is on the verge of shutting down due to financial woes.

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Although Ambitiouz has strongly rubbished such talk, putting out a statement to it’s one million plus Facebook followers insisting they’re ‘just getting started’, the rumor mill continues to rumble, with real concern over the future of the label’s artists.

With this in mind, Voice Entertainment reached out to local Pop star DoubleUp, who became the first – and to date only – Motswana musician to sign under Ambitiouz Entertainment back in January 2022.

We were surprised to learn, however, that Kabelo ‘DoubleUp’ Matome left the organisation over a year ago, just three months after signing with them.

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“My mother fell ill and being the only child, it was my responsibility and duty to return home to take care of her,” explained the 29-year-old Tobane native.

Although they were keen to keep him, the ‘Thukwi La Mala’ hit-maker revealed that after much back-and-forth, they eventually agreed to let him go.

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“I think they went to the drawing board and realised that because I wasn’t with them for long, they wouldn’t suffer any financial losses from my departure,” he said, adding his contract with Ambitiouz was for only one album.

In his brief stint with the label, DoubleUp only put out one song, the single ‘Nthapelleng’.

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Adding onto his reasons for leaving, he noted the label was forever shadowed by drama and scandals, which he preferred not to affiliate with.

“I wanted no part of the drama, all I wanted was to make music and move forward in my career.”

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Currently trading as an independent artist, DoubleUp says he has no intentions of retracing his footsteps back to Ambitiouz.

“It’s mostly because my mother is still ill, but I am still making music and have an upcoming single featuring Bomba, which will drop sometime between the end of September and mid October,” he concluded.

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